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War Poets
Edizioni Ares
"The letters are a dance; living signs on the glossy page. They seem capable of being touched by the mind's eye like the ferrule of a stick running along a fence." (Stephen Spender, World Within World, II)
"Touching, poetical, evocative"
(Giuseppe O. Longo, Professor Emeritus at Trieste University)
"Paola has a soul inhabited by poetry, filled with evocativeness and enlightenment. Her daily literary endeavors, her deep culture and her innate elegance of a narrative talent have made of her a refined storyteller."
(Vittorio Testa, journalist)

"Paola Tonussi, with her writer’s sensibility and sure poetic touch, has succeeded in rendering not only the extraordinary love story that those who have had the good fortune to share their lives with a dog know well; but also – and astonishingly – to describe through the eyes of ‘man’s best friend’ himself the suffering and atrocity of the dog meat trade, a phenomenon that is responsible every year in China and Korea for the massacre of millions of innocent and vulnerable creatures, snared, tortured and killed to finish on the tables of the grossest form of oriental traditionalism.

Paola’s is then a book that scores doubly. Because she extracts from the devotion that has always united men and their dogs a unique voice, that anatomizes the full range of unconditional affection, the courage of bearing witness and the hope of salvation”.

(Maria Grazia Filippi, journalist, on the novel Boonrod)

"a poetic and terrible tale" (Sergio Frigo)
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