2019 News & Events  

Presentation: Emily Brontë 

Libreria Pilotto - Feltre

17th April 2020, 17.30 pm

with Andrea Zancanaro


CONVEGNO: "Shelley and D'Annunzio" 

Società Letteraria - Verona

3rd April 2020, 17.30 pm

Presentation: Emily Brontë 

Libreria Trame - Bologna

30th March 2020, 18.00 pm


Presentation: Emily Brontë 

Biblioteca Braidense - Milano

21st March 2020, 11.00 am

with Gabriella D'Ina and Cinzia Bigliosi. Event postponed.


Presentation: Emily Brontë 

Libreria "Virginia & Co" - Monza

31st January 2020, 21.00 pm


Presentation: Emily Brontë 

"Il divano rosso" Libreria Pagina 12 -Verona

17th January 2020, 18.30 pm

with Cinzia Bigliosi

Presentation: Emily Brontë

Libreria del Convegno - Cremona

22nd November 2019, 18.00 pm

Presentation: Emily Brontë

Libreria Editrice Goriziana - Gorizia

15th November 2019, 18.00 pm

Presentation: Emily Brontë

Società Letteraria - Verona

14th October 2019, 18.00 pm

with Angelo Righetti and Cinzia Bigliosi



Fondazione Toniolo - Verona

The first generation 

1. William Blake: when poetry creates myths – The chimneysweeper. Before Dickens, a crude criticism of the «evils of industrialization».

1st October 2019, 16.00 pm

2. William Wordsworth: happiness in nature – passages from Tintern Abbey and The Prelude, the conception of poetry as an aesthetic and a moral code.

8th October 2019, 16.00 pm

3. Samuel Taylor Coleridge: a story of guilt and final redemption – The Ballad of the Ancient Mariner, where the protagonist learns to love «all the creatures that God has made».

15th October 2019, 16.00 pm

The second generation

4. John Keats: a garden, the song of a nightingale and the sense of infinitude – Ode to the Nightingale«a thing of beuty is a joy forever».

22nd October 2019, 16.00 pm

5. Percy Bysshe Shelley: friendship and memories of the past. Passages from Adonais - his sorrow for Keats' premature death - and Julian e Maddalo - his friendship with Byron in Venice.

29th October 2019, 16.00 pm

6. Lord Byron: “Ave Maria” from Don Juan. At Ravenna the poet's love for nature becomes song, elegy, communion with the divine.

5th November 2019, 16.00 pm


Presentation: Emily Brontë, Salerno Editrice 2019

Lìbrati, Libreria delle donne di Padova

4th October 2019, 18.00 pm

IL CONVIVIO: lectures

John Keats and the nightingale at Hampstead garden: Eternity of and in nature.  

7th October 2019, 10.30 am

William Wordsworth revisiting Tintern Abbey: the power of memory.

4th November 2019, 10.30 am

Lord Byron and the sea: the sense of the divine. 

2nd December 2019, 10.30 am 

Polyclinic "G.B. Rossi", Oncology Ward, Verona


2018 Events 

IL CONVIVIO: lectures
«Vispa, irrequieta, permalosetta»: la Pisana nelle Confessioni di un italiano di Ippolito Nievo. Una protagonista moderna.

12th September, 10.00 am.

Charles Dickens viaggiatore a Verona: «immagini vaghe - solo ombre sull’acqua...» da Quadri italiani.

10th October, 10.00 am.

Amy Dorrit, ovvero «la piccola signora inglese che è sempre sola»: sfondi veneziani in Little Dorrit.
Polyclinic "G. B. Rossi", Oncology Ward, Verona 
21th November, 10.00 am.
A strong wish for wings: The life of the Brontës. 6 incontri
Fondazione Giuseppe Toniolo
2017 Events

IL CONVIVIO: lectures

Dickens in Verona

Polyclinic "G. B. Rossi", Oncology Ward, Verona

13th November, 10.00 am.

"Dickens and Stendhal travellers in Verona" - Paola Tonussi and Cinzia Bigliosi

La Feltrinelli, Via IV Spade, Verona

from: Sognatori, poeti e viaggiatori (Salerno-Antenore, 2017)

24th October, 18.30 pm

"Byron in Verona"  with Gregory Dowling (Ca' Foscari University of Venice)

Sala Impero - Due Torri Hotel, Verona

from: Sognatori, poeti e viaggiatori (Salerno-Antenore, 2017)

20th October, 17.00 pm

"Scipio Slataper: Il mio Carso"

Società Dante Alighieri, Vienna

13th October, 18.00 pm

IL CONVIVIO: lectures

"A different heroine": Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë

Polyclinic "G. B. Rossi", Oncology Ward, Verona

25th September, 10.00 am

A book against Yulin and the DMT at the eve of Yulin: 
Presentation of Boonrod and the project of Soi Dog Italia
12th June, Treebar, Via Flaminia 226, Rome, 5 pm. 
Fatti di lettura - Incontro d'autore: Paola Tonussi. 
with John Francis Phillimore: Boonrod. 
11th May, The 
Kolbe Theatre, Venice Mestre, 5.30 pm.
Enrico Peruzzi (Verona University): "Boonrod, a dog, a novel".
8th May 2017, Rotary Club at Circolo Ufficiali, Castelvecchio Verona, 8.30 pm.
The Brontës
Paola Tonussi: "Wuthering  Heights, Jane Eyre and Agnes Grey, 170 years after the publication"
Sergio Perosa (Professor Emeritus of  English and American Literature): "Governesses and passion"
3rd April 2017, Literary Society of Verona, 07.30 pm

Presentation of the novel Boonrod

In collaboration with LAV - fundraising event 

21st March, Antico Caffè San Marco - Triest, 7.00 pm.

"Qua la zampa": meeting students, animal and nature lovers.

Organised by Arts Studio Verona (www.artsstudio.it), in collaboration with LAV (Anti Vivisection League) and other animalist associations. 

With the Patronage of the City of Verona.

Speaking: Giorgia Palmano (Theologician), Donatella Ceccon (LAV Education), Paola Tonussi (Writer)

11th March, Gran Guardia - Verona, 9.00-11.00 am.

Presentation of the novel Boonrod

In collaboration with LAV - fundraising event 

13th March, Minotauro Bookshop - Verona, 6.00 pm.

IL CONVIVIO: lectures

The Brontës: "A web of sunny air"

Polyclinic "G. B. Rossi", Oncology Ward, Verona

2nd February, 10.00 am

"L'Arena di Noè"-TV programme by Elisabetta Gallina
Boonrod's Story
15th January, Telearena, 6.30 pm
2016 Events

Will Young and Friends of Soi Dog Foundation 

Reading: Rainbow Bridge

Chester Cathedral, Chester, UK

14th December 2016, 21.00 pm


Writers and Students: "Firmino  Club"

Presentation of the novel Boonrod

in collaboration with "E. Medi" High School,  LAV (Anti Vivisection League) Verona

Villafranca Town Library, Villafranca (Verona)

6th December, 17.30 pm

Presentation of the novel Boonrod
Literary Journalistic Award Piersanti Mattarella
professor Enrico Peruzzi, University of Verona

Sala della Protomoteca, Piazza del Campidoglio, Rome  

20th November 2016, 3.00 pm 

Presentation of the novel Boonrod

"Meeting authors": "Primo Levi" Cultural Centre, S. Stino di Livenza - Venice (Italy)

17th November 2016, 3.00 pm

IL CONVIVIO: lectures

Charles Dickens: Italian Pictures, from Verona to Mantua

Polyclinic "G. B. Rossi", Oncology Ward, Verona

11th November, 10.00 am

Presentation of the novel Boonrod 
La Feltrinelli, Brescia (Italy)
17th June 2016, 6:00 pm

Presentation of the novel Boonrod

Società Letteraria Verona

in collaboration with Soi Dog Foundation, Phuket, Thailand

25th May 2016, 7:00 pm

Daniela Brunelli, President of the Società Letteraria, Verona

Paola Tonussi, Writer
Mario Tedeschi Turco, Professor of Italian Literature and Music Critic
Paola Colaprisco, Journalist



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